When Trump loses...

Leon Wolf:
If Trump Loses in November, Don’t Blame #NeverTrump for Keeping Their Word

My colleague Dan McLaughlin has a fine article from earlier today about how the very people who have propped up Trump for months are already preparing for the backlash for when he suffers an inevitable landslide loss in November. Rather than blaming themselves for foisting a crappy candidate upon a clearly unwilling party, they have instead chosen, bizarrely, to blame people who have clearly declared from day one that they would not vote for Trump, not even against Hillary Clinton.

The only reason I can figure that they are pursuing this insane tack is that they are puzzled to find people who behave in a manner that is different from that of their man-god Donald Trump. See, Trump says all sorts of crazy things all the time and then takes them back later when he realizes they are untenable; whether his signature promise to deport 11 million illegal immigrants or his promise to pay off the national debt in 8 years.

Trump supporters are perfectly used to people just saying random crap for the dramatic effect and then walking it back later. In fact, they view it as a feature, not a bug. They view it as evidence of Trump’s supreme cunning and political skill. They think everyone should behave this way. So they find it confusing and disorienting that people who promised months ago that they would never Trump apparently still mean it, and will still mean it six months from now in November. It’s actually infuriating to them, the idea of intellectual honesty.
No candidate has been more prolific at alienating voters across a wide spectrum.  The Trump backers think they can win with only 11 percent of Hispanics and under 30 percent of women, not to mention the half of the GOP their have alienated with their vile attacks.


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