Another reason why the Obama economy is in the doldrums

Washington Examiner:
Ryan says Obama labor policy having 'chilling effect' on economy

The agency that Ryan was referring to is the Labor Department, which under Secretary Tom Perez has implemented a new rule intended to force businesses to pay more overtime by limiting the number of employees who can be exempted from the requirement. Perez also has announced that the agency will crack down on conflicts of interest in retirement financial advising by increasing brokers' legal liability. In January, the department also issued a new interpretation of the Fair Labor Standards Act that said that an employer can be liable for paying lost wages to another company's workers if the department determines that the company has "indirect" control over the workers.
This is how the evils of liberalism infest the economy and makes it harder to make rational business decisions.  It actually hurts job creation in the name of "helping" the workers.


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