Cruz within margin of error in latest poll with Trump

Washington Examiner:
A new national NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released Monday night says Ted Cruz is right on Donald Trump's heels, and that Trump is polling just barely ahead of the Texas senator, 40-35 percent.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich sits in third place with 24 percent support. The poll carries a margin of error of plus or minus 5.6 percentage points.

But as close as Cruz is, he was actually closer in March, when Trump had 30 percent and Cruz had 27 percent. Since then, Trump picked up 10 points, while Cruz picked up just 8.

There were other good signs for Cruz, however. More Republicans could see themselves voting for Cruz over Trump — 63 percent to 61 percent. Also, 33 percent said they could not see themselves supporting Cruz, compared to 38 percent who said the same for Trump.
Cruz does better with conservative voters while Trump does better with low information voters and the uneducated.


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