This would be a tough sell

NY Times:

Reince Priebus Calls on G.O.P. to Back Nominee, Even if It’s You-Know-Who

The Republican National Committee chairman suggested party members ignore Donald J. Trump’s attacks because “we all need to get behind the nominee” in the fall.
Trump has spent most of his campaign being more of a jerk than a statesman, and his followers were even more vile in their attacks on opponents.  He has alienated voters in and out of the party and it is unlikely that he will be able to unify Republicans, much less those outside the party such as Hispanics and women who oppose him by huge majorities.  His only hope is that Hillary is held in low regard by many voters too.  I predict a low turnout election, at least on the Presidential level.

I think some of the NeverTrump votes may go to Hillary Clinton, but probably most will just ignore the contest.  If he loses, which he surely will if he is the nominee, it will be his own fault.  He is a con man who can count on the support of about a third of Republicans and that is about it.


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