Israeli tunnel detection system could be used by US to stop drug smugglers

The U.S. is cosponsoring an Israeli-invented tunnel detection system that could prevent drug smugglers and illegal migrants from cross-border passage with Mexico, ISRAEL21c reported.

The technology, which is being heralded as the underground Iron Dome anti-missile defense system, was behind the IDF’s recent discovery of a 1.5 mile-long Hamas terror tunnel from Gaza and into Israeli territory.

The U.S. has earmarked $120 million over the next three years to help develop the system, the Financial Times reported.

Meanwhile, other anti-infiltration innovations include a counter-tunnel barrier along the Israel-Gaza border that “will also feature a state-of-the-art fence, complete with sensors, observation balloons, see-shoot systems, and intelligence gathering measures, as well as an underground wall.”

The U.S. has for years closely studied Israel’s border technology and security for its own border with Mexico. In the past, the Department of Homeland Security tested Israeli ground surveillance radars used to detect intruders before they reach the border.
This video gives an idea of some aspects of the system.   Tunnels have been used along the US border with Mexico mainly in California.  The tunnel systems are actually more elaborate than those used by the Hamas death cult against Israel.  Mexico might also be interested in investing in the equipment to use around prisons that house high-value drug dealers.


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