The many problems with Trump

Nicholas Frankovich:
Trump thinks that judges sign laws and that the Supreme Court conducts criminal investigations. He doesn’t know anything about anything and won’t do any homework. Feckless, he wobbles and vacillates, all the while protesting incoherently, making a drama out of everything.

When challenged, he sputters. He contradicts himself. He has no compass or rudder. He says that America should bomb the bleep out of ISIS and then that America shouldn’t be the world’s policeman. He would eliminate the Department of Education but thinks that the federal government should have a role in public education. So which is it? “The concept of the country is the concept that we have to have education within the country,” he explained. All clear?
There is much more.

His ignorance is stunning but seems to be matched by his arrogance.  As much as his supporters try to explain why they support him, it still makes no sense.


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