Ted Cruz appears to be headed to victory in Washington state delegates

Moe Lane:
Ted Cruz continues work to lock down Washington State.

In accordance with the prophecy.

Anyway, it turns out that Ted Cruz has already done the work – before the deadline – that will ensure that the people picking the actual delegates (and the delegates themselves!) will be people who rather like Ted Cruz. As usual, his team started early: “In Washington, Cruz named a state leadership team in November and had slates of delegates lined up for recent county conventions and legislative-district caucuses.” And, given that the pool of potential delegates has already been created, it’s pretty likely that the end result in Washington State will be the same as in other ones: to wit, one where Ted Cruz steamrollers his opposition when it comes time to picked pledged delegates.
In Donald Trump's world knowing the rules and following them is called "cheating."  It appears Cruz is likely to pick up an additional 44 delegates in Washington.


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