Trump starting to show his liberal agenda

Judson Phillips:
Conservatives have warned for the last ten months that Donald Trump, the bombastic New York billionaire, was no conservative. Looking at the positions Mr. Trump has taken over his lifetime, it is impossible to call him a conservative.

The good news with Donald Trump is, if you don’t like his position, just wait a few hours. He will change. Everyone remembers the three-day period when Trump took five different positions on abortion.

Now Trump is moving left. He was the guy who said he could be anything he wanted to be. Newsflash to the conservatives who supported Trump: You’ve been punked.

Donald Trump loves to claim he is not politically correct. But on Thursday, he took the extremely politically correct position of supporting the right of men to go into the women’s restroom. Sane people realize this is an assault on women. Women and little girls have the right to go to the restroom or to the shower, without a grown man going in there while they are changing, showering or doing other things.

This is a fundamental right of privacy the left is making war on and Donald Trump is just fine with some forty-year-old man walking into the women’s room while little girls are changing their clothes.

Most of Trump’s supporters are pro-life. Trump has been pro-abortion most of his life and he did not even wait to tie up the nomination before moving left. Trump, who has praised Planned Parenthood, now wants to water down the GOP’s pro-life platform. Planned Parenthood has the sign, “Tens of millions babies aborted,” above their facilities and Trump thinks they are a fine organization.

Trump is now embracing his inner Bernie Sanders. Trump recently criticized Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker for not raising taxes in his state. Trump claimed Governor Walker had a $2.2 billion dollar deficit in his state and then slammed him for not raising taxes. And Trump has been out on the campaign trail for months talking about raising taxes on the wealthy. This is really nothing new. In 1991, Donald Trump was an expert witness for the Democrats in Congressional hearings, where he blasted Ronald Reagan’s tax cuts.
The Trump supports have been conned, but they don't seem to mind at this point.  They seem to have lost the ability to judge the integrity of the candidate they are supporting.


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