Rubio could be the key in blocking Trump's path to 1237

NY Post:
Donald Trump could face a stiffer challenge securing 1,237 delegates to win the GOP presidential nomination and avoid a brokered convention because forces close to Marco Rubio are involved in the Ted Cruz–John Kasich alliance to block his path, sources said Monday.

“Little Marco ain’t so little anymore,” one Rubio insider told The Post, referring to Trump’s derisive nickname for the Florida senator.

When he was still in the race, Rubio collected 171 delegates — whom he can now withhold from Trump at the GOP convention.

A GOP strategist who backed Rubio was involved in talks that led to the alliance between Cruz and Kasich to derail Trump, the source said.
Anti-Trump groups are also opening their wallets to attack him in some of the remaining states.  Saving the GOP and the country from a Trump- Hillary Clinton race is a worthy objective.


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