Democrats continue to push bad faith claimes against voter ID in Texas

NY Times:

Justices Leave Texas Voter ID Law Intact, With a Warning

The Supreme Court said it might intercede if a federal appeals court in New Orleans did not act promptly on a challenge to the law.
A similar law in North Carolina was just upheld.  The overwhelming majority of vote fraud cases involve Democrats.  They see the Voter ID as an impediment to their schemes.  Their arguments are an insult to the intelligence and ability of Hispanics and other minorities.  I vote in a very diverse precinct in Texas and I have never seen anyone have a problem in voting whether old or young, black, white or Hispanic.

One of the ways Democrats used to pad their numbers was to have bogus registrations with people giving addresses for vacant lots or buildings.  Without a voter ID, they could send someone in to vote for the bogus registered "voter."  They have taken a bit of a different approach since the voter ID laws went into effect, actually paying people to go vote for their candidates in some cases brought in the Lower Rio Grande Valley.

Their case against this common sense law should be rejected.


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