Transportation secretary reflects Biden's government greed

 Legal Insurrection:

Pete Buttigieg wants to charge you more to get to work and buy groceries. The former mayor-turned-U.S. Transportation Secretary renewed calls for a Vehicle Mileage Tax (VMT).

Buttigieg discussed the Biden administration’s as-yet released infrastructure plan during a maskless (albeit socially distanced) interview with CNBC. He said he believes a mileage-based tax “shows a lot of promise” for funding an infrastructure package that will cost millions and that existing gas taxes are no longer a feasible funding solution. Buttigieg also mentioned reviving the Obama administration’s “Build America Bonds.”

Not discussed during the interview was the impact of such a mileage-based tax on low and middle-class Americans who do most of the driving in the U.S. The VMT directly targets those people live in Republican-leaning states, many in rural areas. Urban areas offer residents public transportation and much shorter commutes. However, the backbone of America’s economy is small and medium-sized businesses run by people who still have to drive from suburban and rural areas to get to work and buy groceries to support their families.

The burden of a VMT would fall disproportionately on those red state, rural Americans already struggling and least able to afford a new tax.


The addition of a VMT raises obvious questions about Biden’s already walked back promise not to raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000 per year and serious privacy concerns. 


People who live in the country also have to drive greater distances to get groceries and to receive health care. Few of them make $400,000 a year.


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