A tour of Biden's holding pods on the border

 John Sexton:

Two reporters from the Associated Press and a camera crew from CBS News were allowed inside the Donna, Texas holding facility today. What they witnessed was massive overcrowding with 4,100 people packed in a space which ought to only hold 250.

The Biden administration for the first time Tuesday allowed journalists inside its main border detention facility for migrant children, revealing a severely overcrowded tent structure where more than 4,000 people, including children and families, were crammed into a space intended for 250 and the youngest were kept in a large play pen with mats on the floor for sleeping…

The children were being housed by the hundreds in eight “pods” formed by plastic dividers, each about 3,200 square feet (297 square meters) in size. Many of the pods had more than 500 children in them.

Oscar Escamilla, acting executive officer of the U.S. Border Patrol in the Rio Grande Valley, said 250 to 300 kids enter daily and far fewer leave…

More than 2,000 kids have been at the Donna facility for more than 72 hours, including 39 for more than 15 days.

A CBS News reporter put together a thread on Twitter with photos of what they saw inside the facility. “We saw a ‘pod’ designed for 32 migrant children under CDC guidelines now holding 615.”

The youngest children are kept in his playpen:

Half the kids in this facility have been there longer than allowed by law.


There is more.

It is good that Americans can finally see the magnitude of Biden's screw-up.  We should be showing these pictures to those who are still on their way so they can rethink their efforts. 


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