Biden administration facilitating human trafficking of children

 Daily Mail:

EXCLUSIVE: 'I consider it human trafficking.' California foster parents are being asked to take in '26 or more' migrant children as social services scramble to place a 'record number' of unaccompanied minors crossing the border 

 Foster parents Travis and Sharla Kall received a voicemail from the Community Care Licensing Division asking how many available beds they have for unaccompanied migrant youths 

'Usually the maximum amount of children you are allowed to foster at any one time is six,' Travis told

The couple are currently fostering two four-month-old twins while also caring for their six-year-old biological twins

The CCLD  said in an email they are 'trying to address the needs of a record number of unaccompanied children who are arriving from Central America'

The organization said the migrant children 'are escaping impossible situations such as poverty, violence and natural disasters'

Travis, who along with his wife runs a non-profit fighting against human trafficking in California, believes this is just the tip of a sinister iceber

This is more evidence of how screwed-up the Biden immigration policy is.  When will the rest of the country realize what a mistake the Biden administration has made?  This is a clusterf***. 


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