Biden is enriching the Mexican cartels

 Washington Free Beacon:

Texas Democratic congressman Henry Cuellar says he's getting more information from Mexico than the United States about the ongoing surge of border activity, which he says earned Mexican cartel traffickers $600 million in February alone.

Cuellar criticized the Biden administration's lack of information-sharing on the border during a Wednesday morning MSNBC appearance. The Democrat—whose district includes the border town of Laredo—revealed that he gets a briefing on border activity "first from the Mexicans, because it's hard to get information from our own government."

"And I sit on the Homeland Appropriations [Subcommittee]," Cuellar said. "I get more information from across the river than I get from my own government, which is just amazing."

Cuellar also detailed the massive profit raked in by Mexican drug cartels working to traffic illegal migrants into the United States. According to the Democrat, the cartels are behind a "very aggressive" messaging campaign aimed at enticing would-be migrants to make the journey across the border. Traffickers earn an average of $6,000 per migrant, Cuellar noted, meaning the cartels made roughly $600 million off of the 100,441 migrants encountered along the southern border in February.

The push from cartels to drive illegal immigration presents a difficult challenge for the Biden administration. Both the president and top Homeland Security officials have attempted to dissuade migrants from entering the United States in recent weeks. But after visiting a Texas migrant facility, Cuellar said that "nobody had heard" the administration's message. "Almost everybody" at the facility, meanwhile, took advice from "neighbors, friends, and family members" who relayed their successful arrival in the United States.

Cuellar said he "tried several times" to convince the White House to "pay attention" to the escalating number of border apprehensions as early as January. The Democrat predicted that the mounting crisis will come to haunt Democrats in the 2022 midterm elections if the Biden administration fails to quell the eruption in illegal immigration.

"I'm a Democrat. I supported Biden. But this will become a political problem," Cuellar said. "As we can see, our Republican colleagues are already turning this into a political weapon."

Cuellar is a Democrat Congressman whose district is on the border.  The border districts have already been trending toward Republicans in the recent Presidential elections and Biden's border bungle will only add to the movement.  Cuellar is smarter than whoever is advising Biden on his border policies.  Biden would be wise to listen to him, but it does not look like he will.


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