Reaction to Colorado mass murder exposes left's bigotry

 Monica Showalter:

Bigots always judge a racial group by its "least worthy members," to borrow a phrase from Eric Hoffer.

And only fools make assumptions, which as the saying goes, "makes an ass of -u and -me."

 Which brings us to Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Ever on the lookout for the means of whipping up racial hysteria, Omar blamed the mass shooting in Colorado on skin color -- white skin color -- as is her obsession, claiming a perpetrator's whiteness, rather than mental illness, or some kind of issue, was responsible for the mass shooting. 

Here's her charming tweet (hat tip: The Federalist, and Instapundit):



Get rid of whiteness, see, and voila, paradise follows. Such is the moral pinheadery of Omar.

She wasn't the only one. Remember the zero-talent, child-of-privilege-and-influence niece of Kamala Harris, Meena Harris? The one who got a string of high level tech jobs with no noticible impact, annoyed the government of India, gadded about on Instagram apparently as her principle lifework, and attempted to cash in on Kamala Harris's newfound name and fame? I wrote about her here.

She too leaped to judgment about the Colorado shooter, yelling as Omar did, that it's all about white men and she's got a new grievance, or is morally superior or something because of it.

Here's her embarrassing tweet (Hat tip: Instapundit)



After that, the scion of privilege deleted her tweet and explained herself away with a racist non-apology, claiming that most spray shooters were white men, which is demonstrably false -- see this link here.


Turns out the shooter was not the dangerous white male of Omar's and Harris's fevered minds.

The miserable creep was a Middle Eastern-origin man, a Muslim, a refugee admitted to the states at a young age from some Middle Eastern region hellhole no one wants to go to, and a raving Trump-hater. He had more in common with Omar, in fact, than all the white males she blamed for the shooting.

Now Omar looks like a boob, because reality has hit her in the face like a wet mop. Nice try, bozo.

Omar's outrage was fake, a cover for her real obsession, which was how to make as much money and win as much power for herself as she can on racial grievance-mongering. Now she stands as a total race-obsessed fraud, one with egg all over her face, deservedly seeing some comeuppance. One hopes that in Congress, they bring this up any time she tries to capitalize for herself on race. 


Events like these expose not only the shooter's wacko world but also the bigotry of the left when it comes to explaining that world.  We are also getting a look at the anti-white racism of the left in this country.  They have a theme and they can't wait for the facts before spouting it.


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