57 percent oppose Biden's migration crisis


Three out of five Americans disapprove of President Joe Biden’s handling of the migration crisis at the southern border, according to an Ipsos poll for ABC.

The poll asked: “Do you approve or disapprove of the way Joe Biden is handling … The situation with migrants and unaccompanied children showing up at the US-Mexico border.”

Fifty-seven percent disapproved, and just 41 percent approved, in the March 26-27 poll of 517 people.

In contrast, the poll showed Biden got 60 percent approval on the economy, and 75 percent approval on coronavirus vaccines.

The 57 percent to 41 percent split on migration policy implies a huge share of swing voters opposes Biden’s easy-immigration policy.

However, Ipsos did not report on the depths of opposition, which could range from the unimportant “somewhat” response to the vote-shifting “strong” responses. Also, Ipsos did not provide any data on the growth of opposition since January.

Ipsos has a good record in tracking migration polls, and other polls show the swing-voting public is moving sharply against Biden’s chaotic mismanagement of the border.

For example, 44 percent of swing-voters said “the United States immigration system [has] gotten … worse,” according to a Morning Consult poll conducted March 19-22 for Politico. “Twenty-nine said it had stayed the same, and 12 percent said it had gotten better under Biden,” according to the poll, which included 1,994 registered voters.

Similarly, a Rasmussen poll showed 65 percent of swing-voters people believe “the government [is] doing too much or too little to reduce illegal border crossings and visitor overstays.” Just 11 percent believe the government is doing too much, said the March 14-18 poll of 1,250 likely voters.

That is a 50-point shift from an October 22, 2020 poll, when Rasmussen reported 32 percent said the government was doing “too much.,” while 36 percent thought it was doing “too little.”

So far, media coverage is focusing on the orchestrated inflow of mothers, children, and teenagers, even though there is a far greater inflow of job-seeking single adult males.


I think these numbers are going to get worse for Biden.  That is why he has been trying to hide what a disaster his policy has been.  The same people who falsely accused Trump of keeping kids in cages are keeping them in worse conditions because his dumb policy is overwhelming the system. 


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