Biden's ideological hubris created border crisis


The Biden administration is letting its "ideological hubris make them ignorant," and rather than heeding the advice of experts, it is ignoring them and that's resulted in the crisis at the border, Mark Morgan, the former acting commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, told Newsmax TV Saturday. 

"We told them if you do what they have done you would create a crisis that would make 2019 pale in comparison," Morgan said on Newsmax TV's "The Count." "We told them that the Border Patrol facilities would be overwhelmed. We told them that HHS (Health and Human Services) facilities would be overwhelmed. We told them they would create an unmitigated crisis."

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden is "lying to the American people" and making absurd comments about the border, said Morgan, and his words telling immigrants "don't come" to the United States are "absurd."

"They say, under the Trump administration, you had the same kind of messaging," said Morgan. "The difference was (that) our substantive action in policy matched our message. When your substantive action of policy says your borders are open, but your words say don't come, it's absurd. It doesn't mean anything. The cartels know and right now, the numbers show that what they're saying is irrelevant."

Biden was also lying this week when he said during his press conference that the current surge in migrant numbers is seasonal, and that the same patterns happen every year, Morgan said.

"Either he's intentionally lying or he's got advisers who had given him really, really bad information," said Morgan.

He pointed out that last year, during the same time period of November 2019 to March 2020, the numbers were at about 33,000 incoming migrants a month, a drop because the Trump administration successfully addressed the 2019 crisis 

But during the same time period this year, the numbers have almost doubled, and Morgan said he's anticipating that 150,000 will have come into the country this March alone.

"So if you look at March last year to March now, that's about a 300-plus-percent increase," said Morgan. "The president wants the American people to believe it's seasonal."


There is more.

Biden has screwed up royally and is too unintelligent to admit the problem and do something about it.  Instead, he is acting like the characters in Animal House proclaiming "all is well" in the middle of a riot. 


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