Scientist baffled by Texas success following Governor Abbott's decision to open up

 Hot Air:

Jazz wrote about this mystery on Tuesday and now print media is sniffing around it. On March 2, Greg Abbott announced that he would lift the state’s mask mandate and reopen most businesses at 100 percent capacity on March 10. That seemed rash at the time given the spread of more contagious variants across the U.S. plus the fact that Texas’s daily cases on March 2 (6,660) weren’t dramatically lower than they were on July 2 of last year (7,381), the day Abbott implemented the new mandate. Public health experts like Fauci and Rochelle Walensky warned him that he was risking a new spike.

Sixteen days after the mandate was lifted, there’s no spike.

On the contrary. Daily cases in Texas right now are almost exactly half of what they were on the day Abbott declared that restrictions would soon lift.

Good weather and native Neanderthal toughness may be responsible.  I think that masks and lockdowns are also overrated. 


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