The open borders war on black America

 Geoffrey P. Hunt:

Today’s wave after wave of illegal migrants, otherwise human chattel, are overrunning and overwhelming our southern border security, by design from dementia plagued president-in-name-only Joe Biden and his hate-America-first Democrat party Marxist handlers.

This is the Marxist Democrat party war on Black Americans, cynically packaged globalist modern-day slave trading, replacing freedmen citizens with indentured aliens. Interior enforcement officers given stand-down orders are inundated with thousands of CCP Covid-19 diseased, illegal, and illiterate mendicants delivered by open-borders supremacists who have outsourced migratory human-trafficking transit logistics to Mexican cartel criminal enterprises, all encouraged, reinforced, and given sanctuary

Where are the illegal migrants re-settled? Large urban centers and small cities all across the country heavily populated by Black Americans: More than a million each in NYC and LA, hundreds of thousands from Riverside, CA to Charlotte, NC to Lowell, MA.

It all began with seemingly innocuous and noble humanitarian overtures, even possessing an element of economic necessity, given the dropping US birthrate, the nemesis of GDP growth. We can blame the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965, the Democrats’ global extension of the civil rights movement.

Democrat operatives, co-opting inner city minorities, primarily Black Americans, manipulated president Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty into creating a welfare state targeting and perpetuating an entire class of the impoverished and dispossessed.  Opportunity, jobs, and the nuclear family were quashed to make way for accumulating raw electoral power by institutionalizing dependency, while securing votes to perpetuate -- astonishingly enduring for more than 50 years -- a corrupt and cynical bargain: We’ll give you minimalist economic survival with hollow promises of only marginal living standards in exchange for reliable votes.

But now, finding that urban Black voters are demographically too small a voting bloc when they either tune-out polling stations on Election Day, or vote for Donald Trump, Democrat Marxists have been hustling a new stream of voters, comprised primarily of illegal aliens, most notably in California, but increasingly evident everywhere else.

Of course, California now boasts a spectacularly high poverty rate, the nation’s worst school-age literacy and math skills, intractable homelessness, and record setting unemployment and tax burdens, for which more unskilled and impoverished illegal aliens will do nothing to alleviate.

Meanwhile, Democrats have not only abandoned their erstwhile constituency from urban Black America, they have actively implemented policies that have turned Democrat party-controlled inner cities -- from Philadelphia to Baltimore to Detroit to St Louis to Chicago to Los Angeles -- into third world hellholes, no better than the failed states south of the border providing the subjects for the Democrats’ diabolical human-trafficking enterprise.


Democrats are importing bodies to help them use the census to steal House seats and eventually use them as imported voters.  The cynism is mind-boggling.  It is draped in fake compassion.


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