6,000 in latest surge to the border

 Washington Examiner:


Approximately 6,000 adults and children were apprehended by agents across the 1,950-mile-long U.S.-Mexico border on Thursday, a senior official said during a call with reporters Friday. During the busiest months of the 2019 surge, agents were seeing 4,500 people per day.

The official said agents took an average of 5,000 people into custody each day over the past month, which over 30 days would equate to 150,000 people detected after illegally crossing the southern border. In February, agents saw more than 97,000 people come across the international boundary between land ports of entry where pedestrians and vehicles are supposed to come through.


Approximately half of all those being stopped at the border are families and children from Central America, while the other half are Mexican adults.

Last March, the Trump administration followed the recommendation of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and opted to return all children and adults immediately to Mexico or other countries to avoid bringing people into its facilities in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

In January, President Joe Biden chose not to return children who arrive alone. Since then, increasingly more children are showing up at the southern border, in part, as the Washington Examiner has learned, because families that are returned to Mexico are choosing to send their children back across alone.


Biden acts as if his incompetence on the border is a compliment.  It is in fact a disaster that is costing this country millions and leading to even more people coming to this country for Biden to rent them hotel rooms. There appear to be very few sane people in the upper levels of the Democrat party to deal with this mess.  The only people so far speaking out are border Democrats who know firsthand the disaster that is unfolding.


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