A Texas Democrat is giving Biden good advice on the border

 Karen Towsend:

Joe Biden received some advice Wednesday after a Texas Congressman toured a Carrizo Springs facility with a delegation of White House officials and lawmakers. The detention center for unaccompanied minors is run by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as an overflow facility to ease the crowded border with Mexico. Rep. Filemon Vela is now urging the White House to adopt a policy of turning away “older teenagers” from the border. Vela represents Brownsville, Texas.

Rep. Vela’s words are notable because he is such a loyal Democrat and an early supporter of Joe Biden. He announced this week that he is retiring, though, so he probably is feeling free to speak truth to power. He joins another Texas Democrat who represents a Texas border district, Rep. Henry Cuellar, in sounding an alarm over the border crisis. Cuellar boldly stepped up to speak about the growing crisis and his office provided the first pictures from inside a holding facility. The photos showed that the current crisis sure looks a whole lot like the crisis past presidents Obama and Trump faced, including charges of kids in cages. The Obama-Biden administration built those cages, after all.

Joe Biden’s determination to undo policies at the southern border that were working during the Trump administration in order to show that he is nothing like the bad Orange Man is coming back to bite him. Biden and his administration continue to deny the horrors of the situation at the border while gaslighting the American public with claims that everything is under control. Vela says that if Biden sends teens back across the border when they are detained on this side, it will send a message of discouragement to others making the trip. Vela says it can be a temporary move until the crisis eases. Vela doesn’t offer guidance on what he means by “older” teens. Does he mean 15 years and up or does he mean 17 and 18-year-olds? We know the number of unaccompanied minors is growing thanks to Biden’s mixed messaging and executive actions he signed into effect during his first day in the White House. A majority of them are teenage boys.

Vela and his colleague Cuellar agree that the Biden administration needs to at least have this conversation. A story by Axios quotes Vela expressing concern about the border crisis as he points to the pandemic and border personnel and facilities overwhelmed by the number of illegal migrants.

Will the words from Rep. Vela make a difference to anyone responsible for managing the southern border in the Biden administration? Likely, the words will fall on deaf ears. Biden is stubbornly clinging to failing policy decisions, which, if you take a look at his long career in politics, follows his historically incorrect pattern of decision-making. Biden will find other supporters to counter truth-tellers like Vela and Cuellar. One Democrat who toured the border Wednesday is content to have the administration just continue to put up more shelters and let the crisis play out.

Biden is ignoring advice from Democrats who are closest to the problem area.  These Democrats have also seen their constituents voting in greater numbers for Trump.  Biden is not that smart and is not intelligent enough to take advice from those more familiar with the problem.

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