The totalitarian objectives of the Democrats masked as 'democracy'

 Bryan Preston:

Have the Democrats Fully Abandoned the Ideals of Democracy?


 There are now at least two, and probably more, serious efforts from the Democrats to silence forever any dissent against them and their policies in this country. The first is the drive to eliminate the Senate filibuster.

The filibuster is a longstanding, though occasionally modified, tradition in the Senate by which the minority can still have a say in policy. It’s intended as a check for slowing down ideas before they become the law of the land. It’s what makes the Senate the Senate, the so-called “world’s greatest deliberative body.” It’s a hand-brake on those in power. It forces the majority to work with and attempt to persuade the minority that its policies benefit the whole country, not just a narrow or partisan slice of it.

But many Democrats and apparently the entire mainstream media want to do away with it, or “reform” it so that it loses all meaning.


Calling everything racist now is the Democrats’ trademark move. Here’s Sen. Warren calling fossil fuels “racist.” Here’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg calling infrastructure “racist.” That’s not persuasion, it’s demagoguery.

As recently as 2005, then-Sen. Joe Biden argued that the filibuster was necessary and should stand.


The second anti-democratic measure the Democrats are pushing is HR1, the so-called “For the People Act.” Democrats have to do away with the filibuster to get this bill passed through the Senate. HR1 is not a “voting rights” bill as the Democrats are saying. This bill has already passed the House where Pelosi rules. It would nationalize election law, which is blatantly unconstitutional, codifying for all time all the measures they took to fundamentally alter election laws under the guise of COVID in 2020. Several judges have since ruled that those last-minute changes were illegal because they did not go through state legislatures as the law requires. HR1 would make those federal law and take states out of governing elections within their borders. This is, among other things, a severe watering down of state authority, and an end-run around states’ ability to check Washington. Christian Adams has written that HR1 “nullifies the Founders’ constitutional bargain.”


Today’s Democrats care most not about making Americans’ lives better or even persuading us that their policies are beneficial or superior to any alternatives. They care most about making sure Americans can never ever effectively resist them again.

This is a power grab masked as "democracy."  It is an illegitimate attempt to seize power.


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