Media trying to help Biden cover-up his border crisis

 Legal Insurrection:

As the Biden administration lies about the border crisis and tries to bully Republican lawmakers into deleting their photos of Biden’s over-crowded illegal immigrant cages, the media works overtime to try to obfuscate the crisis.

It’s not working, though, according to a recent ABC News/Ipsos poll that shows the majority of Americans see the border crisis as a crisis and disapproves of Biden’s handling of it.

Biden has banned news media from the cramped “pods” (new word for “cages”) where the Wuhan coronavirus runs rampant amid inhumane conditions, and the media is happy to accept that. We hear no cries of suppression of the press or fascism now that their guy is in the White House, and we will not.

Indeed, rather than demanding access to the detention facilities that are overflowing with children, the media is opting to avoid the topic unless it’s a vomit-inducing cheerleading piece about what a nice guy Biden is and how hard he’s working to help and how he just needs more money to throw at the problem.

So serious are media outlets about propping up Sleepy Joe “Kids in Cages” Biden that the AP has instructed staffers not to use the term “crisis” in discussing the border crisis. I kid you not.


This latest edict from the AP is likely a response to polling that shows that despite the best efforts of the media arm of the Biden White House, Americans stubbornly refuse to believe their lies.

ABC News and Ipsos both posted about their recent poll, each headlining favorable numbers for Biden on his handling of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. However, a closer look at the numbers reveals that Biden is in serious trouble over what Ipsos preciously terms “the situation at the border.”

ABC News reports:

Republicans are seizing on the flow of migrants at the southern border as a “crisis” — a term that White House aides have refused to invoke while also acknowledging the troubling circumstances — and accusing the current administration’s hasty rollback of tough immigration policies implemented by former President Donald Trump as the cause.

A majority of Americans (54%) call the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border a crisis, and another 42% believe it is a serious problem but not a crisis. Only 4% of Americans say it is not a serious problem.

The issue of immigration is one of the most polarizing among those included in the poll, with clear majorities of Republicans (89%) and independents (54%) disapproving of Biden, while one-third of Democrats say the same.

IPSOS casts the data in terms of political “polarization,” hilariously noting that only 30% of those polled thought Biden, who ran as the unity guy, was uniting the country.


There is more.

The media is shreadding its credibility to cover-up for Biden.  It is not a very reliable source when it comes to the border crisis. 


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