Burgess Owens talks about Rush Limbaugh's influence on his politics

BizPac Review: 

Burgess Owens recalls first interaction with Rush Limbaugh during ‘Bo Snerdley,’ aka James Golden’s return to radio

Owens always came across as a very bright guy.

Owens, a Utah Republican and former All-Pro, first-round NFL draft pick who played safety for 10 seasons with the New York Jets and Oakland Raiders, told Golden that in 1992 when he was working as a rep for technology company WordPerfect in New York City, he would try to make sure he was in his vehicle during Limbaugh’s show, whose flagship station at the time was WABC.

“I called in and you let me through,” Owens said, adding that the call marked “the beginning of a good relationship” with Limbaugh, 70, who passed away in mid-February following a year-long battle with cancer.

Owens went on to recount how he had lost a business he started shortly after retiring from the NFL and that he was forced to work, for a time, as a chimney sweep.

“The first time I had a chance to tell that story was with Rush in ‘The Limbaugh Letter,’” Owens noted, referencing a newsletter the late host, author, and entrepreneur published each month featuring a long-form interview with a notable figure or newsmaker.

The NFL star said “at some point” he wanted “to tell the story,” and Limbaugh gave him an opportunity to do that.

“I think he connected with my thought” which was “that, at the end of the day when it comes down to the black community, it’s gonna be black conservatives [that are] going to make the difference…they’re gonna have to be the tip of the spear. That was kind of the beginning of a great relationship,” Owens added.

“Where I am today, my friend, is based on a conversation that you kind of facilitated, and I really appreciate that in a big, big way,” Owens said.

Golden went on to note that Owens’ congressional win was part of “a 200 percent increase in the number of black Republicans in Congress” before asking the Super Bowl winner to respond to a “declaration of war” from Democrats on Georgia’s new voting rights law.

Owens began by explaining that the GOP is more focused on returning power to states and localities, as envisioned by the founders, while Democrats seek to concentrate more power at the federal level.

“Voting and the voting laws have always been placed with we the people,” Owens said, “closest to the normal folks who get up every single day and make a living.”

Meanwhile, “the left is trying to make those decisions from on high,” he continued. “They love power. And you have to understand that’s what we’re up against right now. We’re up against an ideology that does anything they can possibly do — there’s no shame, there’s no God, there’s no idea of freedom for the rest of us.”

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The conversation with Golden AKA Bo Snerdley is interesting.  Apparently Golden and Limbaugh had a positive impact on Owens. 


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