Biden doing great harm to migrant children


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on Monday said the Biden administration is "doing great harm" to migrant children and risking the spread of COVID-19 due to “overcrowding” at the Southwest border.

"I think because of what you saw in those videos they don't want people to see how closely put these kids are, and the incredible risk now, because some of these kids have COVID-19, and when they're that closely packed in it's gonna be shocking if most, if not all, of these children don't end up with COVID or some other type of disease," Paxton said during an appearance on Newsmax TV's "John Bachman Now."

"So, I don't think the administration wants people to know that. Supposedly, allowing them to stay is humanitarian, but really it just incentivizes more to come, and it incentivizes this overcrowding that's actually doing great harm to these children."

He also said the Biden administration "should have had a plan before they invited everyone to come across the border. Apparently that didn't happen. He invited everyone to come the first day he was in office and there was no plan in place. So, it is a little shocking that he knew what was coming and didn't put a plan in place that would work. I’m suspect now of really anything, given the conditions that these kids have had to go through." 

Former President Donald Trump may travel to the border "over the next few weeks," a move Paxton said could “highlight” the dire situation.

“I think President Trump can can highlight what's going on and hopefully help save lives because that's what we're talking about here: we're talking about children that are coming across, they're being exposed to COVID in large doses because all of them are put together in high concentration," he said.


Democrats are using all of these migrants for their own nefarious political motives.  They see all of them as potential Democrats and their H.R. 1 legislation can turn the adults into instant Democrat voters without citizenship.


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