Biden's mask mania

 Red States:

Biden Has Some Advice for States Like Texas and it Will Be a Cold Day in Heck Before They Take It

But as I previously wrote, the science indicates that after lifting restrictions, the numbers in Texas are continuing to go down, that their “Neanderthal thinking” as Biden called it, actually was consistent with the facts.

If Joe Biden thinks he’s going to tell Texas and Florida, and the multitude of other states who have opened up to go backwards, he’s got another thing coming. They’re not going back and that doesn’t appear to be where the rise in cases is coming in any event. The rise in some states tends to be in the Northeast in places where there hasn’t been a lifting of restrictions. So even with cases continuing to drop, Biden thinks places like Texas should stop reopening. How does that comport with the science in this case? It doesn’t. Follow the science except when the science contradicts the narrative is apparently the message here.

Biden's policy would hurt the open states' economy and would have no significant impact on the virus which is already in remission in those states. He and other Democrats have been dead wrong about their preference for lockdown policies from the beginning.


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