Biden administration offers goofy 'compromise' to Iran

 Washington Free Beacon:

Congressional Republicans are calling the Biden administration’s reported plan to roll back sanctions on Iran before it commits to renewed diplomatic talks an unacceptable concession that will only embolden the hardline regime and reward its bad behavior.

As Iran continues to balk at U.S. proposals for direct negotiations on a deal, the Biden administration is becoming desperate. American officials are now said to be offering Iran immediate relief from tough economic sanctions in exchange for commitments to scale back portions of its nuclear program and halt enriching uranium to levels needed for a weapon, according to Politico. That proposal, Republican foreign policy leaders told the Washington Free Beacon, breaks multiple promises from Secretary of State Antony Blinken to not lift sanctions until Tehran agrees to sit down with the United States and other world powers. Republicans also are learning of the proposal via media reports, highlighting the administration’s continued efforts to conceal its diplomatic pursuits from critics in Congress.

Iran also quickly slapped down the Biden administration’s offer, which is said to include a promise to remove sanctions if Tehran stops enriching uranium to the 20-percent threshold, according to Tuesday reports in the country’s state-controlled press. Iranian leaders maintain that they will not agree to any negotiations until America unwinds all of its sanctions on the country and returns to full compliance with the original 2015 deal, which former president Donald Trump abandoned in 2018.

Iran’s hardline stance—accompanied with a major increase in its nuclear weapons work—is a sign that the regime believes the Biden administration will blink first and agree to full-scale sanctions relief in order to cajole it into talks. The administration has already taken several steps in this direction, including removing United Nations sanctions on Tehran, delisting the Iranian-armed Houthi rebels from terror lists, and rolling back restrictions on Iranian diplomats.

The original Iran deal was dumb and this one would be dumber.  The Iranian regime needs to have tougher sanctions, not sanctions relief.  Going back to Obama's bad lead would more than likely lead to war in the Middle East.  None of Iran's neighbors are buying into the BS agreement.


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