Biden preps for hundreds of thousand imported Democrats


President Joe Biden’s border agencies are preparing reception centers to help a huge inflow of perhaps 800,000 family migrants this year, along with a record inflow of unaccompanied children and a growing wave of single men, according to media reports.

The Washington Post reported March 28 that officials at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) expect:

… roughly 500,000 to 800,000 migrants to arrive as part of a family group during the 2021 fiscal year that ends in September, a quantity that would equal or exceed the record numbers who entered in 2019, according to government data reviewed by The Washington Post. Officials are now racing to find facilities to house these families ahead of their release, along with additional staff to process an increase in humanitarian and asylum claims.

The extra facilities are being used to provide legal advice and paperwork to help the migrants move permanently into Americans’ labor markets and housing markets.

The reports do not describe any steps the federal government is taking to deter, stop, or reduce the inflow. The inflow will generate billions of dollars in smuggling revenue for coyotes and for the drug-smuggling cartels that control access to the U.S. border — and plus many billions in extra revenue and profits for U.S. companies.

In fact, Biden’s deputies, including border chief Alejandro Mayorkas, have already dropped nearly all of President Donald Trump’s anti-migration policies. Those policies allowed officials to quickly fly nearly all migrants back to their home countries, often 2,000 miles distant.

Under Mayorkas, officials have quickly reduced the share of family migrants who are rejected under the Title 42 anti-coronavirus measure to under one-in-six per day. Trump’s appointees used the Title 42 rule to block nearly all migrants.

The Wall Street Journal reported March 26 that the number of children and teens delivered to the border for entry under the Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) doorway “will rise substantially for at least the next two months, according to internal projections.” According to the report:

The government estimates that about between 18,600 and 22,000 children could cross the border in April. For May, officials are estimating the figure could rise to roughly between 21,800 and 25,000.

Border Patrol officials have said they expect taking more than 16,000 children into custody this month, a record for any month at the border since at least 2010, according to government data. In February, the figure was about 9,300, up from 5,700 in January.

If just 20,000 young migrants per month use this UAC route, that would add 240,000 migrants to the year’s inflow.


This is part of Democrats' desperate attempt to flood the country with potential supporters since they can't get enough American citizens to vote for them consistently.  They are also trying to change the voting laws to make it easier for these non-citizens to vote.  That is what HR-1 is about among otherthings.


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