Biden lies to us all on TV

 Epoch Times:

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) have singled out some of President Joe Biden’s statements from his first formal press conference about immigration numbers and said that his statements were not true.

“‘It happens every single solitary year.’ President Biden claimed the dramatic increase in migrants flooding our southern border is totally normal for this time of year. → FALSE,” McCarthy wrote on Twitter.

He then cited yearly data on border-crossers.

Graham also said that Biden’s remarks were erroneous.

“The Trump policies created dramatic decreases in illegal immigration,” Graham wrote on Twitter. “The changes made by President Biden have created a virtual human tsunami.”

Graham asserted that Biden is disseminating “stunning” misinformation in respect to immigration, further saying that the president doesn’t understand the situation at the border and has no recourse to solve the pertaining problems.

“With all due respect, this press conference is hard to watch. The misinformation being given by President Biden on immigration is stunning,” Graham wrote.

“It’s clear he does not have the situational awareness he needs to understand what is going on at the border or how to fix it.”

“What’s sad is that President Biden doesn’t understand the basics about the current dynamic at the border and the ‘pull’ factors of illegal immigration,” Graham continued.

Earlier this week, former President Donald Trump harshly criticized the Biden administration over its policies at the border.

In respect of the growing number of illegal crossings, Trump told Fox News host Lisa Boothe in a podcast, “They’ll be coming up by the millions.”

He warned that the situation will likely deteriorate toward more severe levels.

“It’s nothing compared to what’s going to be in a couple of months,” Trump predicted. “As I said before, you have some very bad hombres coming up and we’re taking them into our country, and it’s insane.

The Republicans are being too kind.  Biden is trying to mislead the country about his total incompetence on the border.  It is also sad that more media fact-checkers are not calling Biden on his lies.

Rich Lowry calls Biden on his performance:

The Biden press conference was a train wreck and disgrace on the border. He repeated the Alejandro Mayorkas line that Trump was just pushing unaccompanied minors back into Mexico, when the truth is that they were flown home and handed over to social-service agencies in their countries. He then went even further, referring to Trump letting minors starve and die. He maintained that Trump hadn’t diminished the flow at the border, which is completely false. He gave no indication of any serious plan for us to do a better job of policing our own border, instead emphasizing building more shelters to house the migrants who are coming in record numbers. And he missed the point when a reporter asked a question about a small boy from Central America whose mother told the reporter she had sent him because she believed that Biden would let him into the United States. This performance would be roasted from beginning to end by fact-checkers — if they had any integrity.


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