White radicals now dominate Black Lives Matter

Clarice Feldman:
Blue state riots continue, further harming the poor, who have been the least able to maneuver around the lengthy social confinement mandated by their governors and mayors. To the extent that people are led by the media misreporting to think this is the justified response of a black underclass, think again.  BLM really is better named White Leftist Matters (WLM), a movement largely by young, middle and upper-class whites to increase their own political power.  
Two American Thinker posts (here and here) show how whites have taken over the Black Lives Matter movement. A startling statistic is that only one in six protesters is black. On Friday, an article from Marin and two videos vividly illustrated the white takeover.
In uber-leftist Mill Valley, California, a local newspaper's photos from a Black Lives Matter march reveal almost no blacks.
It shouldn’t be a surprise that this is the case. Having knocked over the “sifting and winnowing” process upon which higher education once prided itself, to socialized terror against thoughtcrime, these hubristic credentialed morons assume they can do this everywhere. In Minneapolis, apart from wreaking havoc on the poorest, often black, citizens, they’ve now persuaded the city’s council to defund the police. Watching the disasters unfolding in Seattle’s “autonomous district” under the indulgent eye of the city’s mayor might have given them a clue, but apparently not.
It doesn’t seem they are winning black hearts and minds with this, except for those given a new opportunity to loot and engage in aggressive crime under cover of the “protests.” Black residents and business owners have regularly criticized them for the damage done to their lives and property. This week, two more underreported examples of black disengagement with the WLM operations warmed my heart. In Seattle, a black man whose building houses many senior residents, deprived of their caretakers by the lockdown in front of their home, furiously ripped down the barricades and  free feeding stations, exploding with anger at this outrageous deprivation of the rights of those who live and work there. 
We’re all sick of this nonsense. And so is he, shouting at the occupying misfits:
The only reason you guys are standing here is because white people stood here before you. This is not a black movement. And you know damned well it’s not a black movement because 6,000 black people walked in the Central District, they walked in the CD. And guess what? They went the f*ck home. But what you motherf*ckers want to do? Y’all want to stay here, guess what, cause the homeless people are entertaining this bullshit. Right? And you guys are trying to jump behind it. And that’s not right.
Get your own f*cking movement ’cause what you guys are doing over here nobody’s going to hear. And nobody gives a f*ck about it because it’s f*cking bullis**t.
The mayor’s social worker troops seem unable to clear the rabble out. But fear not, the city council is hard at work. It just voted to scrap an ordinance that allowed police officers to arrest loiterers suspected of drug dealing or prostitution.  The council’s rationale is that it disproportionately affected blacks. I suppose looking the other way at obvious drug dealing and prostitution on Seattle’s streets, to their way of thinking, will be of benefit to the black community. Once again, they endorse the traditional Democratic policies of making life worse for Seattle’s blacks to the advantage of the criminals who prey upon them.
The statue toppling  by these gangs shows little knowledge of the history of the celebrated figures. One example is the effort to topple and deface the Lincoln Emancipation statue in D.C, a statue showing a black slave now unchained rising at the side of Abraham Lincoln. It was paid for by the newly freed slaves, and  a descendent of the slave depicted in the statue joined other blacks in defending the statue from the historically ignorant iconoclasts. 
3. America is not Defined by Racism
As bad as leftwing Democrats are at governing, they are very skilled at manipulating the truth. This summer’s big lie, as it often is in summers before presidential elections, is that the U.S .is a racist country. People like Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell have been debunking this for years. This week, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a black African woman who immigrated to the U.S., joined them, arguing how false this is, reminding us that “outrage and clear, critical thinking seldom go hand in hand.”
"What the media also do not tell you,” I tweeted on June 9, “is that America is the best place on the planet to be black, female, gay, trans or what have you. We have our problems and we need to address those. But our society and our systems are far from racist.”
America looks different if you grew up, as I did, in Africa and the Middle East. There I had firsthand experience of three things. First, bloody internecine wars between Africans -- with all the combatants dark-skinned, and no white people present. Second, the anarchy that comes when there is no police, no law and order. Third, the severe racism (as well as sexism) of a society such as Saudi Arabia, where de facto slavery still exists. [snip]  This country is only 244 years old, but it may be showing signs of age. Time was, Americans were renowned for their can-do, problem-solving attitude. Europeans, as Alexis de Tocqueville complained, were inclined to leave problems to central authorities in Paris or Berlin. Americans traditionally solved problems locally, sitting together in town halls and voluntary associations. Some of that spirit still exists, even if we now have to meet on Zoom. But the old question -- “How can we figure this out?” -- is threatened with replacement by “Why can’t the government figure this out for us?”
The problem is that there are people among us who don’t want to figure it out and who have an interest in avoiding workable solutions. They have an obvious political incentive not to solve social problems, because social problems are the basis of their power. That is why, whenever a scholar like Roland Fryer brings new data to the table -- showing it’s simply not true that the police disproportionately shoot black people dead—the response is not to read the paper but to try to discredit its author.
I have no objection to the statement “black lives matter.” But the movement that uses that name has a sinister hostility to serious, fact-driven discussion of the problem it purports to care about.  
There is more.

This is more of the pushback against the current Democrat insanity.  The false narrative about racism is actually pretty racist.  Anti White racism is prevalent among the leftist blacks and whites,  There appear to be blacks pushing back against this leftist crap.


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