Democrats continue to make excuses for violent extremist of Antifa

Fox News:
The mainstream media and Democrats simply can’t seem to make up their minds when it comes to the radical left-wing anarchistic group Antifa. They’re either 1) modern-day versions of the WWII Normandy beach heroes and saving America from alt-right racists, 2) a fringe group joining up with white supremacist agitators to disrupt peaceful protests in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd, or 3) they … simply don’t exist.

That they are a mythical creation was posited by Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) during a Thursday debate on the Democratic-led House’s police reform bill.

Nadler, the House Judiciary Committee Chairman, stated on the House floor that Republicans were “dealing with imaginary things like Antifa”:
This understandably did not sit well with House Judiciary Committee ranking member Jim Jordan (R-OH), who went off on Nadler for gaslighting Americans on the floor of the U.S. House:

“I mean I can’t believe the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee would utter such a statement on the House floor.”


They’re not imaginary. They’re real. And if you don’t believe me, go talk to Andy Ngo, the journalist in Portland who was attacked by Antifa, who the President of the United States designated as a terrorist organization. And to have the Chair of the Judiciary Committee on the House floor say … these words: ‘Imaginary things like Antifa.’

They are far from imaginary. And there are people in every major city in this country who know that, yet the Chair of the Judiciary Committee just made that statement. That is scary!”

Jordan continued to go off by suggesting that Nadler’s remarks proved points from Republicans on how they weren’t consulted on the House’s reform bill and how their amendments to the bill, at least one of which apparently referenced Antifa, were rejected.
Like the KKK in the past, Antifa is the militant wing of the Democrat party that they do not want to take responsibility for so they pretend that they are not a violent group.  The brazen lies of the Democrats during this uprising of militant Democrats in Democrat-controlled cities are extraordinary.  The left-wing media appears willing to let them get away with the lies.

Antifa is now trying to set up an autonomous Zone in Portland, Oregon.


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