Democrats, media keeping Dementia Joe under wraps to keep voters from knowing how incompetent he is

Washington Post:

Biden rises with a less-is-more campaign

An election that President Trump needs to be seen as a binary choice is, at this point, looking more like a referendum on a man who is viewed negatively by a majority of the county.
How many headlines in the Post have talked about Biden's obvious dementia and loss of cognitive ability?  I don't recall seeing any.  This is the same paper that pushed among other things the 25th Amendment allegations against Trump because they thought his policies and style were crazy.

Joe Biden has trouble stringing two sentences together in a coherent fashion,  He has trouble reading prepared statements.  He is obviously impaired, but Democrats and their media cohorts are trying to push him over the finish line like an incapacities marathon man.  They have good reason to keep him in the basement because it furthers their unfair operations against Trump.


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