Media's defense of Obama administration crimes

Jack Hellner:
AG Barr is under attack by most of the media and other Democrats because they believe Obama admin criminals are above the law.

There was no outrage and there were no resignations when the FBI railroaded General Michael Flynn. In fact, the media and Democrats are angry that this innocent man, who was financially destroyed by the vengeful, corrupt FBI and Justice Department officials, is finally receiving justice. 
This should be a big story, but most of the media and other Democrats won’t care that Obama and Biden were deeply involved in the targeted attack on Flynn. It is clear that Obama was deeply involved with the Justice Department during his entire term, as the media pretended that it was independent. There was little concern about the rule of law. 
The media is too busy campaigning for Biden and seeking to destroy Trump to cover this bombshell of a story.
After all, Stone only got forty months and Bolton has a book. They are also spending every day trying to keep the country in a depression to help Biden win. 
The reason that Barr is being attacked every day is because he and Durham are seeking the truth and the media and other Democrats have been lying continuously and don’t want the truth to come out. They certainly don’t care about the rule of law and equal treatment under the law. 
So, the next time Democrat campaign workers posing as journalists and other Democrats claim they care about the rule of law, equal treatment under the law, the Constitution, separation of powers or the politicization of the Justice Department, everyone should recognize they don’t mean it. All they care about is getting a Democrat elected as president so they can infect the public with radical leftist policies that will enrich powerful politicians and career bureaucrats and absolutely decimate our freedom and prosperity.  
 The media is in on the Obama administration cover-up.  They were also in on the railroading of Flynn for a non-crime.  And do not let off much of the social media monopolies who call truthful statements lies.


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