George Floyd became a pretext for the leftist tantrums, Now Pelosi and Schumer can't even remember his name

J.R. Dunn:
From the Left’s point of view, the murder of George Floyd (and it was a murder, the video allows no doubt about that.) came as a godsend. The Left immediately framed it as a racial crime, in the process obliterating the actual question, which has been staring us in the face for decades:  why are psychopaths and demented narcissists allowed – not to say encouraged – to join police forces? (In particular, police forces in ultra-blue municipalities such as NYC, Baltimore, and yes, Minneapolis.)
That’s all that needs to be said about George Floyd. Because Floyd, God rest him, is a pretext. It could have been anything or nothing that set the Left off. Antifa has been frothing at the mouth and raging for violence for years. (How is it that everyone has forgotten how Antifa and its related groups called for the “uprising” to begin each November 4th year after year?)
Murder went down, the pretext went live, and the hard Left’s plans went into effect. And there’s no question that this planned -- the preplaced brick supplies, weapons caches, and communications on social media allow no other conclusion.
We can’t overlook the obvious desperation here either. Early this year the Orange Godzilla stood in pure triumph. Every last single effort to take down Donald Trump – the emoluments clause, the 25th amendment, Russia collusion, Crossfire Hurricane in its various iterations, and finally that forgotten… “impeachment,” I think the term is – ended in complete ignominy. Not just failure, not even catastrophe, but pure irrelevance. Not even COVID dented his popularity. With the pandemic tapering off, it became apparent that the accompanying economic slowdown was in fact a natural disaster recession, with a vee-shaped recovery coming rather the u-shape of a standard recession, or, God forbid, the lengthy rectangular shape of a true depression. Add in the fact that his Democrat opponent a half-senile ancient dogged with numerous ethical, sexual, and criminal scandals, and we can see why the Left was running scared.
The BLM uprising was designed to take out the president, based on the example of 1968, when Lyndon B. Johnson was forced to abandon his reelection campaign largely due to unending riots caused by racial antagonism and opposition to the Vietnam War.
The Left figured that once American cites were occupied by BLM and Antifa stormtroopers, Trump, being a racist and a tyrant, would immediately respond with a massive military intervention. This would in turn encourage further uprisings and enable the Left to play the “fascist” card in the leadup to the Fall elections.
But the Left assessed their opponent poorly. Instead of exploding, the President behaved like the leader of a federal republic, demanding that the states and cities fulfill their responsibilities to the citizenry while assuring the public that he was ready to move if necessary. The cities in which Antifa has run wild – Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis – are all hyperliberal environments to which the President owes nothing and whose governments have uniformly displayed contempt for Trump personally along with sympathy for the insurgents. This left the President with absolutely no reason to intervene. To paraphrase a previous statesman who confronted similar problems – downtown Seattle is not worth the bones of single National Guardsman.
Trump’s response has confused a lot of people. We’ve become so ingrained to an overactive federal government leaping into action every time a tree branch falls that a lack of response seems strange, even though that’s how our system is designed to work. The mayors and governors are supposed to put their fingers in the dyke while the feds make the arrangements for further repairs. This has not been the practice since the New Deal. Even some “conservatives,” who should know better, have criticized Trump’s lack of abrupt action (I’m speaking here of serious conservatives, not the #NeverTrump crowd). They need to remind themselves that the United States is not Imperial Rome.
As for the establishment Left -- the institutional leftists among pols, media, and NGOs, the ones who pose as “liberals” when it’s convenient -- the uprising has become a blow upon a bruise. The pandemic, and specifically the botched elite response to it, has exposed most Democrat state governors as either sloppy with people’s lives (Cuomo, Murphy, and Wolf), or thirsting for absolute power to an extent unacceptable to any sane individual (all the above, with Newsome, Whitmer, and Mills added). By April, the reputation of the Democrat political establishment lay in shambles, with further thrashing yet to come as cases involving businesses being ground under and granny being sent to the extermination center inevitably make their way to the courts.
The Antifa uprising simply carpet-bombed the rubble. To the panic, hysteria, and callousness of COVID we can add the gibbering idiocy of the current Dem leadership. Jay “What, me worry?” Insby had to take refuge in willful ignorance. Mayor Jenny Durkan burbled on about “street festivals” and the “summer of love.” Mayor Jacob Frey of Minneapolis whimpered like a small child, while Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot, a true Dem superstar, being black, female, and lesbian, was revealed as nothing more than a petulant, foulmouthed harridan. The American Left collapsed in the face of both great crises of 2020, and furthermore, they were seen to fail.
There is more.

When Pelosi is not accusing Republicans who had nothing to do with what happened to Floyd of murder, she can't even remember his name.  He is just a pretext as far as Democrats are concerned.  They have become desperate because Trump has been getting more support from the black community because he has done more for them than any Democrat in recent memory including Obama.

Trump continues to disappoint Democrats by not acting like the tyrant they keep trying to cast him as.


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