The blame Trump left is at it again

Washington Post:

With Trump leading the way, record surge in new infections exposes failures in U.S. response

As case numbers rise, a virus that has killed at least 123,000 Americans has revealed a crisis in governance extending from the Oval Office to state capitals to local city councils.
This is absurd.  The lockdown was so the virus would not overload the healthcare facilities.  It was never to keep the virus from eventually doing its thing.  In fact, there were more deaths from the virus in states that had the toughest lockdowns.

So far, we are not out of beds in the ER to treat those who are coming down with the virus.

There is also some evidence that the leftist protest movement is more responsible for the spread of the virus than state policies.  The new cases seem to fit the two week incubation period following the huge protest gatherings.

But this is the Washington Post which seems to have an editorial policy of blaming Trump for anything that goes wrong.  To follow their logic you would have to conclude that Trump organized the protests and the leftist tantrums following the Floyd death.  This is as ridiculous as blaming Fox News.  It is just more leftist nonsense at the WaPo.  The media just does not want to admit that the protest movement they supported was a perfect way to spread the disease quickly.


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