A Biden victory would be horrible for the country

Stephen Kruiser:
OK, I shouldn’t be bringing this up again but I do get a lot of inquiries about it.

What are we to do if the unthinkable happens and that drooling idiot Joe Biden is actually elected president?

It’s not really out of the realm of possibility, do remember that more than half of this country was paste-eatingly dumb enough to vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016. They call it a “popular victory” and we call it a “national embarrassment.”

I have been pondering this hellish scenario for quite some time but most of my conservative friends have been more optimistic, Now they are coming around to the worst of the worst case scenarios.

Most of us do believe that the current polling is, put mildly, completely full of crap. Still, we have to prepare for the outside chance that the polls may be right. A very outside chance, I know, but preparation is always a good thing.

I have many conservative friends who are convinced that President Trump is on his way to a decisive victory. Given how wrong the polls were in 2016, I can’t put up much of an argument base on them. Or any argument, actually.

Sadly, I do believe the there are enough remarkably stupid people to elect Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep president. The one saving grace that keep me off of the ledge is that I don’t believe most of them are motivated to get off of their lazy Democrat butts and vote for him, even if it’s done via the vote-by-mail fraud scam.

One of my best friends is the VP of Operations for a large company. I asked him last weekend how he felt about the post-COVID business future.

“We just have to hope Joe Biden doesn’t get elected,”

I’m fairly certain that sentiment is being echoed throughout boardrooms in America.
I am not sure about the latter.  Too many in those boardrooms are making donations to Black Lives Matter although they could just be part of a protection racket to keep them from attacking their business.  What I do know is that Texans who vote for Dementia Joe are shooting themselves in the foot and could hit vital organs.  Biden's energy policies would be devastating for the economy and have deleterious impacts on jobs unrelated to energy.


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