How many of these cases resulted from mass gatherings as outgrowth of Floyd's death

NY Times:

Younger People Account for ‘Disturbing’ Proportion of U.S. Virus Surge

  • People in their 20s, 30s and 40s account for a growing proportion of the cases, raising fears that asymptomatic people are spreading the virus.
  • The trend has alarmed public health officials and prompted renewed pleas for masks and social distancing.
The people who attended many of the mass gatherings were mostly young.  This surge is likely related to those gatherings, although I doubt the media will be too interested in finding that out because they pretended that it was not a problem because they thought the mass gatherings would lead to a political benefit for Democrats.

It is likely that most of these younger people do not have the preexisting conditions that made the disease fatal for thousands of elderly people in nursing homes.  The mortality rate from the virus should continue to shrink if that is the case.


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