The reason Democrats can't run on judges

NY Times:

Republicans Play Hardball on Judges. Can Democrats Give It a Shot Too?

President Trump’s promises to evangelicals on judges were a key part of shoring up
support in 2016. Some Biden backers want to see him run on the courts this time, too.
Democrats use judges to enact policies that are unpopular politically.  They see the courts as a backdoor way to get policies they know they can't sell to voters.  That is why Biden is reluctant to run on judges, to the extent that he still has enough coherent thoughts on any subject.

You saw how Democrat judges tried to keep the Democrats unpopular immigration policy alive with unsustainable judgments against the enforcement of current law.  Democrats use illegal immigration as a means to steal House seats they do not deserve.  That is also why they oppose a census question on citizenship.  It is just another way Democrats cheat to get power.


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