It was the discovery of Obama and FBI skulduggery that freed Flynn

NY Times:

How Michael Flynn’s Defense Team Found Powerful Allies

A lawyer for the former national security adviser turned to the attorney general for help, and he delivered, months before a pair of appellate judges handed Mr. Flynn another legal victory.
The premise of this story is misleading.  A US attorney discovered that the FBI had no predicate for even investigating Flynn.  None.  He also discovered that the FBI withheld exculpatory evidence on a grand scale. 

The attorney general acted responsibly to right a clear wrong. 

We now know that the Obama administration plotted to frame Flynn in order to keep him from disclosing some of its nefarious conduct including the use of intelligence agencies for political attacks against the incoming administration. 

This is one of the most diabolical plots to hamper a new administration in history and Obama and his cohorts were aided and abetted by a Trump-hating media.  I suspect that is why they are still trying to denigrate those who discovered the conspiracy against Flynn and Trump.  Some of these same people were behind the Russian collusion hoax.


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