Biden goes with the environmental wackos

Nick Deluliis:
Mom taught us to judge a person by the company he keeps. In the case of Joe Biden, his choice of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as co-chair of his climate task force tells us an awful lot about the growing dangers of a Biden presidency.

Ocasio-Cortez is best-known as the House sponsor of the Green New Deal. This measure aims to commandeer energy production, bankrupt productive oil and gas companies, and generally run our economy into the ground at an estimated cost of $93 trillion over 10 years.

As the choice of Ocasio-Cortez indicates, Biden’s task force is not interested in sensible energy and climate policy. Instead, the task force will be singularly obsessed on dismantling the successful state of the American energy, transportation, and manufacturing sectors. Because if you destroy those, in their place the bureaucrat is free to dictate where and how you live, and what you may or may not do.

Forty years ago, Joe Biden might have been in touch with working America. But those days are long gone. The construction of his task force shows that he’s now as ignorant of how things get done in the real world as any run-of-the-mill leftist.

The task force, AOC, and Biden’s puppet masters are not interested in climate other than as an excuse to eradicate individual freedom of choice.

Entrepreneurism, innovation, disruptive technology, and the free market have combined with the world-class American work ethic to unleash unprecedented social-economic-geopolitical shifts. American shale presents a proven path to unleash the mighty carbon atom at prolific rates, historically low cost, and at a lower carbon intensity level than renewables.

Our shale fields drove unemployment to historically low levels, repopulated the middle class, resurrected manufacturing sectors left for dead, spawned a revival of the petrochemical industry, incubated massive trade benefits through liquified natural gas exports, lowered electricity and gas costs for families and businesses, and increased tax revenue for governments from sea to shining sea.

The benefits realized from American shale natural gas extend far beyond our shores. The planet will drastically decarbonize as it shifts to this clean burning fuel that has only a fraction of the environmental footprint of inefficient renewables. The poor in Africa, Asia, and Latin America will gain access to affordable and reliable electricity much sooner, which will increase life expectancy, lower infant mortality, and boost individual rights of historically oppressed demographics.

Just like video killed the radio star, American shale killed OPEC. No more war without end in the Middle East. Better yet, the U.S. shift from net energy importer to exporter provides a strategic lever to reward our allies and protect against our enemies; energy is the ultimate projection of geopolitical "soft power."
A Biden Presidency would be an absolute disaster for Texas and Texas education which is largely paid for by oil and gas revenue to the state and local school districts.  It is the reason the University of Texas has one of the largest endowments in the world.  Any Texan who votes for Biden is voting against his own interest and the interest of Texas young people.

Biden appears to have lost much of his cognitive ability so there is little chance of even reasoning with him.  He has tied himself to the environmental wackos and they will push inefficient and unreliable alternative energy projects and gut the transportation business too.


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