The left's allegation of racism in US exceeds the actual cases

John Nolte:
When people desperately need something that is no longer available, they improvise, they invent, they make it up.

When Sharpton, Geist, and Wallace are so desperate to exploit an act of racism that they are willing to look that ridiculous inventing one, what we have here is a demand for racism that far exceeds the supply.

There is proof of this supply problem all over the place. For instance…

Did you know that the NASCAR “noose” is the ninth noose hoax in as many years?

This is the ninth time the media and the left have invented a noose hoax to frame America as racist.

As far as overall hate hoaxes, we are now in the hundreds… That’s right, in just a few years, there have literally been over a hundred hate hoaxes perpetrated by the media and the left to frame America as racist.

How great of a country is America?

How tolerant of a country is America?

How not-racist is America?

America is so great, is so not-racist, is so tolerant that in 2015, and in a country with more than 300 million people, the left and the media were forced to claim that a Hispanic man who shot and killed a black youth in self defense was a white racist hunting black people. The following year, the left and media were so lacking in actual acts of racism to exploit they were forced to use a coloring book called “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot.”

There is so little racism in America that we have white people pretending to be black.

You. Know. Who. You. Are.

But it’s not just the hoaxes that prove the left has a supply problem. Look at what the left now defines as racism.

The left’s demand for racism so far exceeds the supply that…

It is now racist to demand action to stop the violence in Chicago.
It is now racist to say “All Lives Matter.”
It is now racist to be colorblind.
It is now racist to not acknowledge the color of someone else’s skin and not treat them different because their experiences are different, or something.
Abraham Lincoln is racist.
Ulysses S. Grant is racist.
Criticizing the burning and looting of predominantly black neighborhoods is racist.
Criticizing Barack Obama for anything is racist.
There’s so little racism in America that whenever the media happen upon an actual act of racism, it’s the biggest story in the world for days, sometimes weeks.

And here’s my favorite…

The left’s demand for racism so exceeds the supply, they have invented the coloring book of “unconscious racism” or “unconscious bias.”

How great is that? What I means is that there is so little actual racism out there, the left have been forced to resort to mind reading… And after they’re done reading our racist minds, they have been forced to resort to framing us using the crimes of ThoughtCrime and WrongThink.
There is more.

We have gone from bogus Russian collusion stories to bogus stories about racism as an illegitimate means to attack the President.   While no one defended the death of George Floyd in police custody, there is no overt evidence that it was the result of racism.  None.  In fact one of the indicted officers is black.  I don't think he has ever been asked about race being a factor in the arrest and detention of Floyd.


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