Joe Biden would be a huge mistake for Texas

Biden's energy policy would kill millions of Texas jobs in the energy business and defund public schools and universities.  They would also impose a doubling of fuel costs on Texas drivers and Californie the state.  His energy policies would also increase the cost of food production and transport to the market.  It would lead to shortages of many commodities.

He would empower Beto O'Rourke and his gun-grabbing schemes.

For some reason, this is attractive to some voters, but I do not think they realize how devastating it would be for them.  The killing of energy jobs could lead to a housing debacle as people without jobs could no longer afford their mortgages.  This would depress the value of houses of even people who still had jobs.  It could also lead to the failure of retail businesses that provide and goods and services for energy workers.

This is all on top of his dementia which makes him ill-suited to deal with national security issues.  The guy has trouble reading sentences even if they were written for him by others.  He loses track of his thoughts from one sentence to the next.

We have also seen how poorly Democrats govern as they allow the cities they controlled to be despoiled by riots, looters, and fires.  The Democrat leader in Congress is falsely accusing innocent people of murder.

Electing Democrats to any office at this time would be a huge mistake. 


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