DOJ targeting violent extremists

NY Times:

Justice Dept. to Take Aim at Antigovernment Extremists

The attorney general said that extremists on the far right and left who committed acts
of violence during protests against police brutality will be treated like organized
crime or terrorists.
Virtually all the criminal activity in these violent uprisings in Democrat-controlled cities in the US has been by left-wing actors like Antifa and Black Lives Matter.  The NY Times likes to push the myth that white nationalists and others they see as on the right were also involved, but there is little evidence to support that conclusion, and the initial reports blaming them were in fact, false.

This was a left-wing uprising and George Floyd's death was just a pretext for their pent up anger at the failure of liberalism.  It is a massive failure that much of the media has still not come to grips with.  Until the pandemic cooled the economy, the Trump jobs market outperformed not only Obama's but also every expectation of Democrats.  They needed to kill it before the election and they have set out to do so with a vengeance.


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