When you see this kind of headline you know it is liberal BS

NY Times:

Bombshell Testimony Against Trump and Barr

Damning testimony and election warnings. This is your morning tip sheet.
How many times has the media used "bombshell" in headlines about deep state actors and Democrats attacking Trump and his administration?  The numbers are nearly countless.  They have all been wrong.

They began with the Russian collusion hoax and the current crop are a desperate attempt by the media and the Democrats to coverup the criminal conduct of the Obama administration in spying on the Trump campaign and in attempting to overthrow an election with the false Russian collusion narrative.  This looks like part of the Democrat coverup attempt in anticipation of indictments later this summer.

It is another example of the dishonesty by the media in its dealings with the administration and the bad faith of Democrats since his election.  These actors should be brought to justice including Obama.


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