What did Puerto Rican officials do with the money they got for hurricane relief?

Sharyl Attkisson:
Where Did The $91 Billion For Hurricane Recovery In Puerto Rico Go?

Nearly $20 billion has been earmarked for housing and shelter under “community planning and development” but two years after Maria, less than a million ($913,000) dollars has been paid out.
Morrero told us not one damaged Puerto Rican school has seen permanent repairs in the past two years.
To find out what’s wrong, we began with a helicopter tour of the 110-mile long island spotting dots of blue that mark homes that still have no roofs. Puerto Rico is extremely poor. At least 46% of its residents, 1.3 million people, were on welfare before the hurricanes.
Fueling discontent in Puerto Rico is news that the FBI is investigating a number of government officials and contractors are under fbi investigation over allegations of misuse of all the taxpayer money sent in after Hurricane Maria.

The FBI has arrested six top Puerto Rican government officials and consultants.

Also charged— FEMA official Ahsha Tribble - once an Obama homeland security adviser. Tribble took the lead on getting Puerto Rico’s electric grid fixed. Now she is accused of taking bribes to steer a $1.8 billion dollar contract to a company called Cobra. Cobra’s CEO at the time and a FEMA friend of Tribble's who went to work for COBRA were also arrested.

All have denied wrongdoing.
There is more including a video at the link above.  Puerto Rico was a poor bankrupt place before the storm and had no resources of its own to deal with the crisis. Corruption and incompetence have also limited the recovery effort.


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