Investigation of the Russian collusion hoax beginnings is underway and Democrats and media co conspirators worry

Washington Post:

Barr is said to have urged foreign governments to aid probe of CIA, FBI actions related to 2016 election

Attorney General William P. Barr has traveled overseas to seek help with a Justice Department inquiry that President Trump hopes will discredit intelligence agencies’ examination of Russian interference in the 2016 election, according to people familiar with the matter.
Brennan et al have reason to worry about their first coup attempt becoming the subject of an investigation.  Thoe responsible for this coup attempt need to be brought to justice and I think the current Ukraine coups attempt is an attempt by Democrats to obstruct justice.

Some have said that this is an investigation of the beginnings of the Mueller probe, but the reality is this is an investigation of what the Obama administration did to the Trump campaign long before Mueller was brought into the picture.

The Washington Examiner reports:
Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham have reached out to the United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, and likely other Western nations as part of the Justice Department’s inquiry into the Trump-Russia investigators.

The Australian government confirmed on Monday that President Trump reached out for their assistance in this effort, and it was reported that Barr has spoken with British intelligence officials about his inquiry. Both Barr and Durham traveled to Italy last week to meet with Italian government officials to urge them to assist in this investigation, as well.

Durham's team is "exploring the extent to which a number of countries, including Ukraine, played a role in the counterintelligence investigation directed at the Trump campaign during the 2016 election,” Justice Department spokeswoman Kerri Kupec said last week.

Durham has been Barr's right hand as they look into the complic ated and classified issues surrounding the genesis of what became special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into the Trump campaign's alleged ties with Russia, though the U.S. attorney from Connecticut has been virtually silent since his selection.
I suspect this is why Democrats are so desperate to push their latest coup attempt.  They know that Obama and his administration were illegally spying on the Trump campaign and using foreign resources to help them.


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