Former Ambassador to Ukraine accused of suppressing evidence of Biden corruption

Jeff Dunetz:
In the Wall Street Journal Thursday, there was a report that “Trump Ordered Ukraine Ambassador Removed After Complaints From Giuliani, Others” The reporters believed that Guiliani complained to the President that Ambassador, Marie L. Yovanovitch obstructed “his efforts to persuade Kyiv to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden.” The story left out a critical piece of information. A senior Ukranian prosecutor complained about her also. Apparently, the Ambassador prevented him from presenting evidence of Democratic Party and Hunter Biden wrongdoing to AG Barr.

Ambassador Yovanovitch is a career diplomat (since 1986) who was appointed by former President Obama to be the US representative to Ukraine in August 2016 and was removed by the present administration fired in late May of 2019.

Kostiantyn Kulyk deputy director of Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s International Legal Cooperation Dept. told John Solomon in April that for a year he’s been blocked from getting visas for himself and a team of senior law enforcement officials to go to the U.S. to deliver evidence of Democratic party wrongdoing during the 2016 election to the DOJ. The senior prosecutor said he never was able to make the trip because the visas were blocked by the U.S. Ambassador.
As we reported in late March, the former Ukranian Government is known for being very corrupt, and that includes the head of the NABU Artem Sytnyk. A prosecutor other than Kulyk is investigating Sytnyk for trying to help Hillary to win the 2016 election, which was initially reported two years ago by Politico. Because of the suspected involvement by NABU, which had a close relationship with the U.S. Ambassador and the FBI agents in Ukraine Kostiantyn Kulyk wanted to personally deliver the evidence to the DOJ rather than giving it to the American officials in his country.
`This sounds like more deep state activity to suppress the truth about corruption that might look bad for Democrats.  The current coup attempt against the President looks like another attempt to cover up corruption in the Obama administration.


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