Democrats alienate Hispanic voters with their bogus attacks on the President

Mercedes Schlapp:
President Donald J. Trump is committed to reaching every Hispanic voter to share his strong record of accomplishments in helping Hispanics achieve the American Dream.

Unlike the Democrats, the president will not take Hispanic voters for granted. This September, the Trump campaign launched the Latinos for Trump coalition that focuses on connecting Hispanic voters and training volunteers to register new Latino voters for the 2020 elections all across America. Trump will continue to fulfill his promises to Hispanics of building a stronger, safer and more prosperous America.

Democratic presidential candidates believe that by making carefully-rehearsed Spanish language appeals they can win Hispanic voters. Behind the Democratic curtain is a radical socialist agenda that will fundamentally change America as we know it and ultimately hurt Hispanic Americans. They support infanticide, eliminating private health insurance and abolishing the fossil fuel industry, which would cause job lose and raise bills for millions of Americans. They also will raise taxes on middle-class Americans. The result would be a weakened economy impacting Hispanics workers.


A larger problem exists for Democrats: their obsession since day one with impeaching the president rather than spending time on working for the American people. Their emotional knee-jerk reaction with no evidence has led to the Democrats to pursue a reckless path of initiating an impeachment inquiry, which will drag this country into endless hearings and investigations. This sounds eerily similar to the Russian hoax fiasco that the Democrats manufactured over the past two years.

While the liberal Democrats play political games, Trump will remain focused on Hispanic workers across the country. Under his leadership, more than 2.4 million new jobs have been filled by Hispanic American workers — representing a massive share of the 6.3 million new jobs created since the president's election. Hispanic median family income has also hit its all-time high in the Trump economy, while the Hispanic poverty rate has reached an all-time low.
If Hispanics vote for Democrats they will be voting against their own interests.


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