Woman sniper who fought ISIS with Kurdish group fears for her life back home in Denmark

Joanna Palani interview: she fought Isis in Syria and now fears for her life at home in Denmark

At 18 Joanna Palani quit her studies in Copenhagen to become a sniper on the front line of the battle against Islamic State. Now back home, she is scared of reprisals from jihadists – and ostracised by her own community, who call her a ‘fake Muslim’.

As a sniper with the Kurdish women’s brigade, the YPJ, Palani fought on the front line against Islamic State, rescued enslaved Yazidi girls and survived the 2014 siege of Kobani in which most of her unit died, when Isis fighters were so close she could hear them change the magazines in their guns....
Europe has a problem with Islamic terrorist who came into the continent disguised as refugees.  They are a threat to all who opposed radical Islam.  This brave woman should be honored as the heroine she is.  She is also a reminder of what a dedicated woman can accomplish in the war against radical Islamists.


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