CRT attacks the US military

 Legal Insurrection:

Pentagon to Monitor Military Social Media for ‘Extremist and Concerning Behavior’ 
FNC host Tucker Carlson slams Bishop Garrison as a lunatic, and decry’s military leadership’s activist priorities.


 Lohmeier reports that he is receiving a ton of support from his fellow Americans, which is extending to Republican leadership.

Congressman Dan Crenshaw of Texas, a former Navy Seal who lost an eye in combat in Afghanistan, condemned Lohmeier’s removal.

‘We need to be preparing our warriors to fight and win battles, not how to be (social justice warriors),’ he wrote.

‘Far left critical race theory is taught while speaking out against MARXISM is punished??’

A fellow Texan, Senator Ted Cruz, called the move ‘troubling’.

Rep. Andy Biggs, of Arizona, said Lohmeier was a ‘hero,’ adding the US military ‘should be preparing to win battles – not being brainwashed with Marxist ideals’.

And Dan Bishop, of North Carolina, wrote on Twitter: ‘Lt. Col. Lohmeier is correct. CRT is a neo-Marxist ideology. He was punished for telling the truth. We need to fight this with everything we have.’

Outrage is now circling a Pentagon advisor who now is planning to “continuously” trawl the social media accounts of military personnel for “extremist behavior and views.” He will use a private security company to shield itself from concerns that it’s violating the First Amendment.

The program is being spearheaded by Bishop Garrison, a senior adviser to President Biden’s Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who has previously said Trump and his supporters are racist and is an advocate for Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project, which teaches that America is an inherently racist nation founded on slavery.

Garrison, a former foreign policy adviser on Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful presidential campaign, is a director of Human Rights First, a nonprofit that wants to ‘demilitarize and promote racial justice’ in law-enforcement agencies and pushes for refugee protection and asylum, among other things.

The Pentagon social media monitoring program has already sparked backlash over concerns about free speech and fears military members could be targeted for ‘lack of wokeness’.

The Department of Defense has not commented about Garrison’s program but a House Armed Services Committee spokesperson said they believed the social media screening would be in addition to background checks, and not as ongoing surveillance.

The program will likely use keyword searches on social media to identify military personnel with extremist political views or behaviors.

Right now, conservatives are scouring @BishopGarrison’s Twitter feed and are coming up with some chestnuts…like this one connecting support for President Donald Trump to racism.


There is much more.

Right now both Garrison and his boss look like characters out of Dr. Strangelove who believe there is a racist behind every Trump supporter.  What is next?  Do they also see a plot against "our precious bodily fluids"?  Having the Pentagon in the control of paranoids like this is a clear and present danger.

What Lohmeier did was tell the truth:


In the interview, Lohmeier discussed the impact of “a neo-Marxist agenda at the ground level within our armed forces.” He condemned Critical Race Theory, explained its Marxist roots, alerted the American public to its proliferation within the American military, and warned that this agenda “will divide us; it will not unify us.” In other words, Lohmeier told the truth. This is verboten — illegal in our post-constitutional America.


Several in Congress want to see him reinstated.  I support that too.  Republicans are also looking at political bias in the military.


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